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"Iesha is a wonderful groomer who I recommend highly. My dog, a high-strung, Standard Poodle named Lucy, has traditionally been terrified of groomers. I have often been called back into a shop because of her naughty behavior. Recently I began having her groomed by Iesha in her van. Lucy is actually happy to see Iesha when she comes to our door. She jumps right into the van and an hour later, comes out wagging her tail, munching on a treat, and looking like a show stopper. My heartfelt thanks to Iesha who has turned grooming day from a dreaded occasion to a day which Lucy and I both look forward to."

Jane R.

"I call Iesha my dog whisperer. I have a skittish labradoodle who I literally had to yank into the front door of my local shop. I am happy to say that she loves Iesha and Iesha loves her. She comes out of the van with a professional haircut, her coat clean and shiny. Her nails are clipped and she's ready to go. I often get compliments on her cut from my neighbors and I have recommended her to several people who have also really enjoyed working with Iesha. She's a charming young woman, always on time and professional."

Theresa M.

My dog Kobe is a 2 year old shih-tzu who unfortunately is not very good boy when it comes to grooming. Although he is the young age of two he has already been kicked out of three different shops who have told me he is too aggressive. Some groomers have suggested using sedatives or sending him to the vet to be groomed. Recently we tried to book an appointment with a vet groomer to have him get a haircut. Unfortunately during covid  veterinarians are not taking new non-emergency clients for services. So basically because our adorable Kobe isn't  a dirty solid matt, they will not take him as a new client. I also made the decision to not use sedatives on him because I just believe there is a better way to deal with Kobe's anxiety over grooming. So I took to good old Google to find a Mobile Groomer that could come to my house so that Kobe could have a one-on-one experience with the groomer. Let me tell you, that was the best decision I could have ever made. He has had four appointments so far with There's no place like home mobile pet spa and Iesha has been able to make grooming a less scary situation for him. She still continues to need a muzzle but we are hoping with more groomings he will be comfortable and more trusting to not need a muzzle anymore. Highly recommend making the switch to There's no place like home. Iesha is fantastic!

Eli T.

Really happy with the service we've been getting! Our girl is long haired and loves to play outside. Having a mobile groomer available has been a game changer in keeping her looking, smelling and feeling at her best. Thank you!

Yonatan S.

We were delighted with our mobile grooming experience. Stella’s haircut and groom looks great and she seemed to actually enjoy the experience. No stress, for our dog or us! Good value also!

Roxann K.

With COVID, and anxious dog and WFH, Iesha’s mobile grooming service is a great solution! A as grooming newbie she was super responsive and set me at ease. My little man was getting dreadlocks in his beard and she cleaned him up so nicely, his coat was super soft and I am pretty sure this is the cleanest he has ever been. After years of struggling with trying to groom him on my own (impossible to trim his nails) with no real success, I can say we are now grooming converts, she did it all! She even sent me pics of his experience in the grooming vehicle! He walked back in the house about an hour later with SWAGGER. 😁

Maggie H.

Iesha was GREAT with Todd. It was his first grooming experience and he came back in such good spirits. The convenience of just walking out the apartment to bring Todd for the grooming was so great. Thank you!

Lindsay H.

What a convenient way to get you dog groomed! My dog is a husky and was in desperate need of a grooming. She is so white and beautiful now! Thank you!

Brian P.

Our regular groomer is super busy given COVID restrictions and we'd wanted in the past to try a mobile groomer so we only looked at mobile outfits.
Iesha is terrific.
Her communication was fast and warm and super helpful.
She obviously adores dogs which is doesn't hurt and she asked a bunch of questions that speak to her experience and skill - she takes the work seriously and she's knowledgeable about different breeds and challenges. She gave our midsized shiatsu mutt the best grooming he has received in his 7 years of life and he's not easy to cut because his fur gets really matted.
She was equally skilled with our other 2 pups and all 3 seemed to take to her and they weren't anxious.
It is very convenient to have someone come to your home and provide this service.
I'd highly recommend There's No Place Like Home and Iesha.  We're lucky to have found her.

Katie M.

Iesha is just wonderful--an experienced dog groomer who put my dogs at ease immediately. I have two dogs, one Havanese and one Maltipoo, and if they are not kept groomed they begin to look very ragged. She expertly trimmed and cleaned them. I cannot begin to tell you how great this service is! I have already booked another appointment with her, and plan to continue using her services. Try her--your dogs will love you!

Gail W.

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