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Grooming Policies

Cancellation/No Show

I schedule appointments a certain way to ensure your pet has a dedicated time slot. Two days prior to your appointment you will receive a text asking you to either confirm or cancel your appointment. If you fail to confirm your appointment by the end of the business day, our scheduling system takes you off the schedule and a $50 cancellation charge must be payed in order to reschedule. 
In the event that you do confirm your appointment and I show up to your residence and no one is home, I will make a few attempts at reaching you via phone call and text. I will wait 10 minutes for a response and if I do not receive an answer in return, I will move on to my next client. This is considered a "no show". The no show fee is $50. After two no shows, I reserve the right to refuse service.


I understand that even with regular brushing a dogs coat, at times, may become matted or tangled. I will work with you to figure out the best solution to this problem. When a dog presents with severe matting, It is my policy to shave the coat. In these circumstances to de-matt would cause excessive stress and discomfort and therefore shaving the coat is quicker and more humane for the animal. Dogs can be traumatized by lengthy and uncomfortable de-matting sessions and it can negatively affect their mentality and behavior towards future grooming.

 It is the pet owners responsibility to ensure severe matting of their pet does not happen. Severe matting is 100% preventable through daily brushing and combing of your pet and establishing a regular grooming schedule.

Shaving Double Coated Breeds

Shaving double coated breeds may cause hair loss along with multiple issues such as sunburn and overheating etc. These breeds need their undercoat because it regulates their body temperature. That being said, I personally feel it is inhumane to shave double coated breeds therefore we do not offer this service. I believe in letting your dog’s coat do its work the way nature intended. We would be more than happy to discuss other options such as a major de-shed or a haircut that will not damage the undercoat. 

Grooming Routine

For owners who wish to keep their dogs in long, full or show style coats, we will need to schedule routine appointments every 2 - 4 weeks. Maintaining these styles requires a consistent routine in order to prevent matting. 
Appointments may vary depending on coat condition and breed.

Flea And Tick Removal

Please inform me before the groom if you suspect a flea infestation! All pups are checked for fleas and ticks as soon as they enter the groom van. If ticks are found we remove them with a special tool at no charge to you. If fleas are found, we have to jump into action and immediately give your dog a flea bath, no questions asked. Fleas will jump off your pooch and lay in wait to re-infest again or infest the next pooch that enters the van. To prevent this we require a flea bath with a special shampoo that sits for 10 mins to kill fleas and their eggs. You will be charged for the flea removal since extra care and time is required. Please keep in mind that we can do our part by removing the fleas on your dog to ensure they exit the van flea free but the chances of the fleas living in your home or yard are a reality. You will have to take the steps, and quickly, to eliminate the fleas in these areas with the use of various products. We also highly recommend using a preventative topical or oral solution monthly on your dog.

Elderly Dogs

I will use extra special care and patience for older pets; however, There’s No Place Like Home will not be held responsible for any reaction due to the mental or physical stress of grooming a geriatric pet. If drying, brushing or clipping is determined to cause too much stress to the dog, I will modify or terminate the groom. Please be sure to notify me of any health conditions that might make your pet uncomfortable during the bathing, drying, or clipping phases. If the groom needs to be abruptly stopped because I deem it unsafe for the dog or myself, you will still be charged the full amount of the groom.

Health Conditions

Allergies and Sensitivities: Your dog's safety and comfort are my primary concern. Please advise me of any allergies, sensitivities, or preexisting medical conditions so I can avoid aggravating these situations.
There’s No Place Like Home understands that some dogs are extremely sensitive to certain grooming procedures such as nail trimming and/or ear cleaning. It is not my intent to cause your dog discomfort, so although these are routine procedures normally performed for the wellbeing of the pet, I will not continue with any grooming procedure that will cause pain, discomfort to the pet or harm to the groomer. Sometimes, for a more sensitive dog, these procedures are best left to the care of a veterinarian.
Please let me know of any prior grooming history you or your dog may not have found satisfactory. I want to avoid the repetition of poor and unpleasant experiences.

Refusal Of Service/Aggressive Dogs

I try my best to connect with each dog to create a grooming routine catered to their individual needs. Despite my efforts, some dogs are just not big fans of dog grooming. I reserve the right to refuse, alter or cease service for the following reasons: Pet(s) will not be groomed if it is not safe, they are too large to handle or display aggressive behavior. If the groom needs to be abruptly stopped because I deem it unsafe for the dog or myself, you will still be charged the full amount of the groom.

Forms Of Payment

Payment is to be made at the time of service. Payment can be cash, check, credit card or Zelle. There is a $30 fee for non-sufficient funds/returned checks. The price for the grooming plus the $30 fee will be required within 7 days and no future appointments will be scheduled until received in full. All future payments will need to be cash or Zelle only, no exceptions.

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