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About The Owner

I grew up in Boston stopping each and every dog on the street to say hello and receive wet kisses. It was love at first sight with every new breed I encountered. As I grew up, so did my hunger for knowledge on these fascinating four legged companions. My mother bought me books on dog breeds which I spent many hours memorizing. I learned about the different groups each breed belonged to, their temperaments, size, coat type, characteristics, activity level and so much more. I ate that knowledge up like it was food for my soul until it blossomed into a career as a dog groomer. 

I have since settled in the beautiful hills of the East Bay. I am pleased to say I have been a professional dog groomer for 10 years and counting. From day one I have and continue to make it my mission to provide the best one on one experience to each and every pooch I have the pleasure of working with. Their wagging tails and confident struts after their spa day say all you need to know. 

I pride myself on my patience, kindness and gentle touch — and my clients, both dog and human would agree. It’s why so many of them use my services on a regular basis.

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